A Look Back at My “Residue” Exhibition

I’ve been so busy since my exhibition, this is the first opportunity I’ve had to sit down and write this. But here it is at last, a few photos from my debut solo exhibition.

Everything went on the wall smoothly enough, largely helped by me having planned out the curation in advance. Even so, a few pieces were swapped around in the cold light of day seeing them in the space. Indeed, some of these turned out to be the most popular pieces in the show.

Working to a plan


Keeping the team busy

On the first day I had over 30 people visit – all in one go. A class from one of the local universities dropped in to look at the show and also to talk to the gallery owner about how a small gallery like this works.

All hung – 1

All hung – 2

All hung – 3

All hung – 4

All hung – 5

The private view had a decent number of people too. No pictures of that as I was kept too busy!

Something to do during the quieter times

And then it was time to take it all down again.

It’s Over

I had some good comments in my guest book, and a lot of positive face to face feedback when talking to visitors. So a good result overall.

Here are a few of the best received pieces….

Igneous (bottom), the most popular work in the show, with Dissipation (top) also getting plenty of love when seen as a pair with Igneous.

Tectonic (left) and Parched (right) – both since sold

Resistance – since sold

The above works were pretty much universally popular. Eskdale, Lairig Ghru, Revelations, Petrified, and Metamorphosis were also well received by a good number of people.

For a full run-down of the works in the show, please see the “Residue” Collection page.

Huge thanks must go to friends Ingrid and Shaun, and my wife Amanda for helping me get it all on the wall, and for providing general support throughout the show.

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