Residue (2018)

Residue, n That which is left behind

My 2018 collection of works was inspired by the after effects of natural processes, exploring the patterns and textures of those “residues”.

From glacial debris (Resistance), through frozen puddles (Renewal, Eyece, False Positive), the geothermal and volcanic landscapes of Iceland (Tectonic, Geothermal, Sulphuric), fallen or dead trees (Presence, Petrified and Epilogue) to simply the rock formations of Dartmoor’s tors (Metamorphosis, Vantage Point, Manifestation), I sought to exploit the patterns and textures and to focus on the details that evade the casual glance around these landscapes.

All works shown in this gallery involved, to greater or lesser degree, the use of texture (be it pastes, gels, coarse textures etc. With the exception of Metamorphosis, which was painted in watercolour, all works were painted using heavy body acrylic.

The collection was exhibited at Nolia’s Gallery, 60 Great Suffolk Street, London, SE1 0BY from 1-6 October 2018.

A number of artworks in this collection are available for purchase by contacting me directly.


Artworks in this collection