Glacialis (2017)

Icy, frozen, full of ice

I visited Svalbard, in arctic Norway, in the summer of 2013 and came away with vivid memories of the walk on the Longyearbyen Glacier, and a whole host of photographs just asking to be converted into artworks.

Here texture medium was gradually built up onto a prepared canvas and overpainted with heavy body acrylic to convey a sense of what it was like to stand on and next to that immense, moving force of nature. Cold and pristine whilst at the same time dirty and abrasive.

The collection consists of a prototype piece followed by a further 5 final pieces. Four of the final pieces were exhibited at the 5th Base Gallery in East London during the first week of November 2017.

The names given to the pieces reflect the latitude of the glacier – 78° North

All artworks in this collection are available for purchase.

Artworks in this collection

“Striated ice flecked with black is the main impression, the detritus marring the surface bearing witness to the bits of bleak terrain the glacier is cutting away. We stood on the glacier, an eerie feeling, the ice stretching away into the unseen distance. At the edge where the ice is thinnest, bits had collapsed and muddy meltwater swirled around our feet, coloured dark by the soil.”